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Fashion psychology – What Your Outfit Color Says About You

Did you know that the colors you wear could reveal something about your personality? According to psychologists, each color evokes different reactions in the brain. Choosing what you wear in part has to do with how you want to present yourself to people – and colors play a vital role.


Despite having a wardrobe full of different clothes, most people have a favorite color that makes them feel the most at ease. Find out here what your favorite color says about you!

1. Red

Red is the bright color of passion, intensity, fire, romance, and power. If you are looking to make a strong impression, or be persuasive in an informal setting – this is the color for you. No wonder then, that famous brands such as Supreme have made it a staple.

Without a doubt the hoodie from Supreme owes at least part of its pull with people thanks … Read the rest

How to buy jewelry online

Sure most people know how to shop online, they feel comfortable and secure purchasing the products they need, in fact, they are used to it. Usually most people search on the internet for the products they want to buy, or to grasp the beast deals the retailers are offering, like the christmas clearance sale; however, what happens when the product they are looking for is not that common for them to purchase?. When it comes to buying jewelry online, most customers are not entirely informed to make the right purchase, making most of them face a dizzying array of choices considering quality, styles and prices. Especially if we are talking about diamonds or precious gems.

christmas clearance sale

In this post, you will find the advice to help you make your purchase and ensure the best online shopping experience. Here are five essential steps to guide you.

1. Find a trustworthy dealer

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Clothing Wholesalers – Their Effect on the Fashion Industry

With the growing age at times it becomes difficult for the parents to keep their child looking good always. This results in parents having to buy new clothes every now and then. However, this is why parents need to have several another options and buying quality cloths at wholesale prices can be the appropriate option.

One of the industries which have been on a rise is the fashion industry. The way they have been constantly bringing up new trends with different ideas is a milestone that only a few industries have been able to achieve. The main reason behind this huge success of this fashion industry is the wholesalers. They not only help in generating huge revenue every year but also brings a loyal customer base for themselves which I think everyone knows that, it is vital for any business/market.

Clothing Wholesaler

Along with a loyal customer base and generating of huge … Read the rest

Why Shopping wholesale can be very efficient for you

During the childhood, we all got new clothes almost every month or every season but we never actually knew its worth. But, now as adults, the realization hit us.

In the recent years, fashion has really taken over the world. Everyone wants to look good in front of others. New trends and challenges and clothes are coming out every other day. This has led to the rise of Kid’s clothing in the industry. Many fashion designers have started to design new branded clothes for kids.

Buying clothes for a single child can be fairly easy even though the prices can be high if, going for designer branded clothes or even normal good quality fabric clothes. But it does get difficult if you have more than one child as the parents may have to buy and replace their clothes all year long according to their sizes, quality and comfort. This can … Read the rest

Common Types of Jewelry for Various Personalities

The world is such that there are various personalities of people. Our personality is built based on a lot of factors that including our current occupation, social status, culture, and religion. In several cases, our personality goes a long way to determine the type of products that we use. Here are some of the jewelry that fits various personalities.


In the past, there were many cultures that only influential people were allowed to use jewelry. Even in recent times, there are still several towns and cultures scattered across the world where the subjects are not allowed to wear a particular type of jewelry or clothing because it is reserved for only royalty. Thus, when you see a person wearing that particular dress or jewelry in that particular town, you quickly know that they are royalty. Jewelry for royalties are often personalized jewelry, indigenous to those cultures, big so that … Read the rest

Top Tips for Winding Down in the Evening

The fast-paced nature of the modern world means that many of us struggle to find the time to relax, and when we do, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to switch off.

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But with research in WebMD linking stress to a number of health conditions, including heart disease, asthma, obesity, and mental health issues, it really never has been more important to embrace self-care and learn to relax. Here are just a few of the ways that you can switch off and unwind in the evenings.

Set the Mood

The ambiance is everything when it comes to relaxation. Bright lights, loud noises, and distractions are apt to leave your senses heightened and prevent you from winding down. So set the tone by dimming the lights, turning down the TV and banishing all tech devices. Research suggests that the bright lights from tablets and mobile phones can keep the … Read the rest

Luxury Diamond Watches

Nowadays,timepieces are not only tools to tell us the time but also used as accessories to show the wearer’s social status and fashion taste. Among various types of timepieces, diamond watches are enjoying a very popular position. They are really eye-catching with their stunning diamond and delicate craftsmanship. Luxury diamond watches are also called as jewelry watches. In most people’s opinion, jewelry timepieces are exclusive to women. However, there are also many diamond timepieces turning up in the market which are also suitable for men.

In the fashion world, most men also want to be fashionable and outstanding in the crowd like women. They do have the right. As for this regard, many manufacturers are focus on offering diamond timepieces for men. These jewelry timepieces are suitable for many occasions, in which men can wear these watches to show their different personality.

As I mentioned above, luxury diamond watches are … Read the rest

Handmade Cuff Bracelets

Handmade Cuff Bracelets

Wearable accessories are always one-of-a-kind. This is because the respective person will be able to wear it as well as keep it close to him/her at all times. Such items when gifted become reminiscent things that constantly remind the person why their bond is special. Handmade cuff bracelets become marvelous gifts for such instances and it certainly glorifies the bond between two people.

Firstly, such items are unique. Handicrafts are special because it is reflective of the creative effort of the person. Such an item is a symbol of the artistic effort along with the affection of the person towards the other one. This dramatic factor creates a beautiful piece that can enhance the ambiance for any occasion, especially when it comes to glorifying human relationships.

Secondly, one can always customize such items. For instance, a person can decorate the bracelet in accordance with the preference of … Read the rest

Lightweight Jewelry

Casual Jewelry

While at home, the minimum jewel pieces adorned by most women are diamond rings, earrings, bangles or bracelets, designer necklaces and mangalsutra by married ones. With changing trends, there are wide innovations in designs of each of the jewelry item adorned on daily basis. Women today are working in the kitchen with the same efficiency as they work at the office. So they choose those trinkets which are not required to be changed while at home and at the office.

The mix and match style jewels and exclusive work-wear collection are introduced by jewelers to maintain the balance between personal and professional look. Going astray from traditional metal choice, women are choosing white and rose tints of gold too, after all, they desire jewel pieces which let them look unique in the crowd. Even the metal purity can also be chosen along with diamond quality which can make … Read the rest

Diamond and Aquamarine Gemstones

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and one of the most highly desired gemstones. It is popular for amazing clarity, and sparkling luster that captures everyone’s attention. The same can be said for aquamarine, the glittering member of the beryl family. Like emerald (another member of beryl family) the light aquamarine gemstone is recognized for its excellent clarity and vitreous luster. Just like diamond, light aquamarine is particularly well-suited for brilliant cuts. In addition, the good hardness of aquamarine (7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) makes it an ideal choice for jewelry.

The Differences between Diamond and Aquamarine

There are various factors that make Diamond and aquamarine gemstones differ from each other. First of all, diamond is the April birthstone and aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. Secondly, if both the gems are evaluated from the 4C’s grading system perspective, then:

  • Color: The best
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