Common Types of Jewelry for Various Personalities

The world is such that there are various personalities of people. Our personality is built based on a lot of factors that including our current occupation, social status, culture, and religion. In several cases, our personality goes a long way to determine the type of products that we use. Here are some of the jewelry that fits various personalities.


In the past, there were many cultures that only influential people were allowed to use jewelry. Even in recent times, there are still several towns and cultures scattered across the world where the subjects are not allowed to wear a particular type of jewelry or clothing because it is reserved for only royalty. Thus, when you see a person wearing that particular dress or jewelry in that particular town, you quickly know that they are royalty. Jewelry for royalties are often personalized jewelry, indigenous to those cultures, big so that they are pronounced, and nicely made. This buttresses the point that jewelry can be used to depict social status.


Celebrities are another group of people that have taken advantage of using jewelry to their advantage. In recent times, there is the impression that jewelry, especially the most expensive ones, are made for celebrities. Celebrities often have to show up in a lot of top-class events across the world from award ceremonies to other major events and parties as hosts and guests to add life to such events. When they attend these events, it is common to see them wearing very expensive jewelry. Female celebrities would be adorned with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets at the very least. On the other hand, their male counterparts would be adorned with expensive wristwatches, some would wear nice-looking necklaces while few might even spot an earring on one of their ears or both ears. Rings are another common jewelry among celebrities. The ring could be a wedding ring, engagement ring, or just a fancy ring. One of the online stores that you might want to consider when you want to buy a piece of jewelry is Sunshine Jewelry. However, this should be after you have read about Sunshine Jewelry to know their reputation based on the experience of other people that have patronized them.

Religious people

People also wear jewelry for religious purposes. It is common to see Christians wear a necklace with a cross pendant. The cross pendant is significant to their religion. The catholic also have their holy rosary that is available in the form of a necklace or ring. There are some other religions across the world with specific jewelry type that has spiritual or other significance to them. Thus, they use such jewelry to show and in line with their faith.


Females love to use jewelry and they often have several in their jewelry boxes. They would always welcome jewelry as gift irrespective of how many they already have because of their love for jewelry. Most of the jewelry types seem to be majorly for females. The jewelry types include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. It would look very weird to see a man wearing an anklet and most types of bracelets and necklaces. They would always want to adorn their clothing as much as possible with the jewelry they are putting on.


Males are also catching in quickly in the use of jewelry. It is common to see male religious leaders wearing a necklace with a cross pendant or a male rap artist wearing very big chains and an earring. The most common jewelry for males is expensive wristwatches.


The major type of jewelry for couples is the ring and wedding bands. Thus, it is common to see wedded couples wearing matching rings or an engaged lady putting on an engagement ring. Seeing a ring on the ring finger of an individual passes across the message that there is a very high chance the wearer is married.