Fashion psychology – What Your Outfit Color Says About You

Did you know that the colors you wear could reveal something about your personality? According to psychologists, each color evokes different reactions in the brain. Choosing what you wear in part has to do with how you want to present yourself to people – and colors play a vital role.


Despite having a wardrobe full of different clothes, most people have a favorite color that makes them feel the most at ease. Find out here what your favorite color says about you!

1. Red

Red is the bright color of passion, intensity, fire, romance, and power. If you are looking to make a strong impression, or be persuasive in an informal setting – this is the color for you. No wonder then, that famous brands such as Supreme have made it a staple.

Without a doubt the hoodie from Supreme owes at least part of its pull with people thanks to its brilliant design. Evocative and exciting, wearing Supreme is the hallmark of a bright personality and its hoodies are the excellent testament. The red box logo is infinitely recognizable, thanks to its simple yet effective design.

hoodie from Supreme

2. Yellow

The color of happiness, optimism, and youth! People who tend to prefer yellow see the bright side of things and are full of energy and enthusiasm. Yellow is often seen as a stimulant and an attention-grabber, often being used in ad campaigns, and street signs. It is also often reported to increase metabolism and improve serotonin production, which is why you may find it associated with some popular food places.

However, yellow can sometimes be polarizing – some may see it as overly youthful or playful, which may make it a bad choice for a more formal setting.

3. Black

Black is the trademark color of mystery, allure, power, and professionalism. Despite conveying sophistication and authority, black can sometimes help you fly under the radar. It is stylish and chic, which, coupled with a classy brand can make your look impressive to anyone.

A champion Supreme hoodie is the perfect example – the all-black design, coupled with some recognizable logos and inscriptions are all you need to make a strong first impression. Ambition, purpose, and intelligence are all traits of people whose favorite color of clothing is black.

4. Orange

Like yellow, orange is a fun, vibrant color. When yellow screams optimism, orange combines it with a sense of adventure and warmth. Cheerful and creative, people who wear orange tend to enjoy it for its expressivity.

The collaboration of Vlone x Off-White is the perfect example. When the subdued, industrial design of Off-White meets the bright expressivity of Vlone – a beautiful combination arises that leaves everybody stunned. Bright orange against with a black logo, or the opposite, both convey energy, creativity, and vitality.

People whose favorite color is orange are always ready for the next grandiose thing. With dynamic plans and a fun attitude, they are ready to take on anything the world throws at them.


5. Blue

Blue is the color of dependability, calm, and wisdom. It is a confident, yet tame color – perfect for an interview! People who like blue are typically intelligent, efficient, tranquil, and kind. But it is not a color reserved for the office, either! As the Louis Vuitton Denim Jacket shows it can be a fun-loving color, with plenty of style and sensibility. Great to combine with other colors, and even wear an all-blue ensemble, blue is reported as the most beloved color worldwide!

People who love blue tend to excel in everything they do, thanks to their stability and balance.

We hope this list helped you realize something about yourself, or got you to look at your wardrobe differently. Until next time!